We want to keep mesa safe.

The Police Chief has turned his back on the men and women of the force.

Since its inception, the Mesa Police Association had understood the importance of quality department leadership and strong labor representation and the role each plays in building a safe community.

And with more than 7 Mesa police chiefs in the last 15 years, we initially hoped the hiring of Chief Batista would bring much-needed stability to the top ranks of our department. In fact, the Mesa Police Association supported the hiring of Chief Batista in 2017. We agreed with his vision for the department and looked forward to helping him achieve his goals.

But instead of supporting officers, Chief Batista has repeatedly condemned and blamed officers for justified actions during their course of duty:

Chief Batista has fallen short. Anecdotally, there are numerous, high-profile examples. But we sought data to measure exactly how short.

Keep reading below to learn the results…

93% of respondents say morale has gotten worse over the past year

In early 2019, the MPA enlisted a national polling firm to assess the chief’s performance. They developed a questionnaire based on the chief’s stated mission and vision, and his most recent annual report. They used technological safeguards to ensure results were not manipulated. We shared the survey departmentwide and received 533 responses.

To put it mildly, the results were abysmal.

Eighty four percent of the respondents consider morale “poor.” And even more concerning, 93% of respondents say morale has gotten worse over the past year. In areas ranging from professionalism to basic leadership, the chief’s performance shows major shortcomings. Department sergeants, lieutenants, commanders and assistant chiefs were ranked considerably better.

It’s clear the problem is at the top.

We routed survey results to city leadership and explained that this situation is unacceptable and unsustainable. Sadly, instead of taking ownership of his failures and working with his department to improve, the Chief has questioned the MPA’s motives and our methodology.

Now, the men and women of the Mesa Police Department have voted that they have “No Confidence” in the Chief. See the results here:


Let’s be clear. We want to work for a successful police chief. We want morale to improve. We want to solve problems and foster a functional working relationship between department leadership and its officers.

The bottom line is that the men and women of this department deserve better. The residents of Mesa deserve better.

We implore city leaders to take action.



Contact the City Manager and Council and tell them to Keep Mesa Safe by supporting the Mesa Police Association’s Vote of No Confidence in Chief Batista.

Use the ‘Take Action’ form at the bottom of this page or email them directly:


Take Action

Mesa Police Association needs you to call your city council member and encourage them to support their Vote of No Confidence against Chief Batista.


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